Barry The Cannibal

by Psycho Prawn

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Meet Barry.

He's got a taste for blood and it's insatiable people!

Barry is the culmination of human development.

For only the civilized may glimpse an understanding into this mans mind.


Ps. All recorded on an iPhone, All proceeds go towards recording a Psycho Prawn studio album!


I'm a real big trucker
And I got a rubber lover
He doesn't say much
But he's a real good sucker

Your family is delicious
I don't think you're aware
Take another bite
mind the chunks of hair.

I got a rubber lover and I shouldn't eat your brother
But i've started getting peckish so i'm chewing on your mother.
How would you know if you don't even try,
My cooking's not great but at least I fucking try.

Why would you do this?
I wanna make it through this!
I cannot watch This!


Good old uncle Basil
Not good as Maurice.
I liked Maurice better, mmmmmmmmmm,
Maurice he was OBESE!

Barry's just a man
He dont make no plans
But he does devilish things
With a frying pan
You better watch his bite
Or hell devour the clan
He's a one stop chop shop
Murderin' man!

I know you can can see me now
you can hear the hunger
you better listen to my words
cus' i ain't getting younger

i've got a rubber brother and
i shouldn't eat your lover
when i opened up your family
there were secrets to discover
first you chop them up
then and a pinch of spice
and then you thrown them on the the grill
and they taste pretty fucking nice!

what's the matter there honey
don't you like the cooking dear
i don't know why you're crying
the family is all here

mama's in the pie
and papa is in the soup
please don't cry girl
i did this all for you

Barry's just a man
He don't make no plans
But he does devilish things
With a frying pan
You better watch his bite
Or hell devour the clan
He's a one stop chop shop
Murderin' man!
Barry doesn't care if you're unprepared
hes gonna knock you out and take you
to his lair
and then when you awake you gotta try not to stare
cus' Barry has one last meal to prepare

tonight on the six o'clock news, a gruesome
scene has been uncovered at an abandoned
truck stop off of route sixty six. several mutilated
corpses were found, along with various body
parts and what appears to be used cookware.
a table for two was at the center of the scene,
complete with flowers and candles. as yet the
authorities have no leads and warn to be cautious
when travelling in the area...


released July 20, 2016
Music By Tim Kellaway and Peter Smith

Lyrics Inspired and wirtten By Tyler Higgerson, with contributions from Tim Kellaway and Peter Smith

Artwork By Tyler Higgerson

Mastered @ Kellaway Productions



all rights reserved


Psycho Prawn Newcastle, Australia

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